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Corona Virus Pasta Help... 

I do a daily Soul show on Starpoint radio, in our Radio Station chat room one of the presenters said he'd been to the supermarket got pasta, but all the sauces had gone, what was he going to do?

I thought after owning 6 award-winning restaurants the thought of pasta sauces comes easily to me, so I would list some ideas to help you and your shopping in these hard times.

Now closed, but featured on TV as part of Taste Of The South.  
So, boil the pasta and when your sauce is ready, throw some boiling water over it and add your combination to the pasta that you have already cooked, or just cook pasta and directly add your sauce, ingredients to it.
Sauce ideas
Butter, Olive Oil to saute from the start or a white sauce (butter, flour heated into a ball) then add milk until thick, for a cheese sauce add the cheese of your choice.
Basic start
Garlic (Can be boiled with the pasta to softener), crushed or chopped finally, spring onions, shallots, red onions, Bay Leaves, Thyme, Rosemary, onions, Olives, Saffron, Herbs, fresh Basil, oregano, dill, sage, parsley, nuts, seeds, etc
Vegetable ideas
Courgettes, aubergine, Fennel, asparagus, artichokes (Deli counter ones, fresh or tinned), tinned tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, leeks, broccoli, Hearts de Palm (tinned), Peas, spinach, sweetcorn, peppers (you can roast the skins then cover with cling film on a plate and peal it off), Chill's, or others of your choice.
Fish or meat
Minced beef, lamb or pork, chicken, bacon, prawns, squid, anchovy's, seafood, mussels, clams, smoked haddock, salmon, tinned tuna, sausages, Salami, Ham or your favorite meat or fish.

Tomato puree, ketchup (to sweeten a tomato sauce), reduced stock,double cream, creme fresh, butter, Cornflour, Eggs.
Sauteed artichokes in lemon, garlic & olive oil
How to Start
Saute onions, meat, etc and then reduce down with cooking white wine, red, balsamic vinegar, various stocks.

Cheese: Parmesan, Stilton, cheddar, mascapone, Romano, Gruyère, emmental , Ricotta, Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, Pecorino Sardo, Ricotta Salata, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pepato, and Provolone.

Basic tomato sauce, onions, garlic, olive oil or butter, oregano, Bay Leave, Basil, tomatoes (tinned or fresh), Worcester sauce, drop of Tabasco, tomato puree to thicken.

Meat sauce, add your choice of mince, saute until golden in olive oil, add Basic Tomato sauce starting with the onions, ketchup (to sweeten at the end), you could also add mushrooms, olives.

Creamy Pasta : Cook the pasta (reserve in a pan), saute ham, salami, bacon (chopped) until golden, add pasta back with beaten eggs and grated cheese, you could also add nutmeg, basil to taste or even a touch of cream and butter.

Rustic Pasta - Saute the vegetables you like, herbs of your choice in olive oil or butter then just add them to your pasta, and sprinkle with cheese if you desire.
Leftover pasta omelette

Always Wash Your Hands after touching food, more now than ever before, avoid putting the same tasting spoon back. With the new guidelines of shopping once a week, lets hope the supermarket best before days improve.

Stay at home, listen to my Soul radio show, but stay safe and healthy, thank you for reading.

Luxury Soul 2020  

As another year almost closes, the highlight of some of this year finest music can be found on the forthcoming 'Luxury Soul ' box set. Releasing physical product in the day when music is so freely available by streaming is a gamble.

Luxury Soul has it's many fans and have bought every one since it's first release back in 2004 to coincide with the Soul Weekender. Back then you would expect to see a Maysa, Frank McComb or track by Leon Ware to get us through the year, since 2012 the covers are now slicker than ever & still very collectable as ever. 

So the 2020 Luxury Soul album has many highlights this year, including some UK Soul chart #1's by the likes of Tyra Levone steppers anthem including Keep On Steppin', Rick Clarke ft Don E Lou Rawl's inspired 'Friends', Terri Green project, Barry White inspired 'It's You' which was also the best track from their current album 'what a Feeling'.

Expansion Records as a label have released some winning albums this year and those tracks are naturally included here by the likes of One Way, Candace Woodson & Rockie Robbins .

Kenny Thomas's other half Francisca Thomas 'Clouds In My Mirror' sings in a winning Memphis styled Nigel Lowis produced style that was included on the #1 DSG vol 2 album.

Toby Walker who's fantastic Soulwalking Website has rated this as his #1 choice song of the year. we are talking Tony Lindsay ' Find The Day' , in fact it's one of my choice cuts of the year also, finding this one time Santana lead singer very comfortable with this jazzy soulful delight.

The Man of the year Cornel CC Carter is thankfully included with the outstanding MetLife remix of 'I see Love' which was also released recently as a 7 inch single on the high profiled  Iziphosoul Records, the original version is included on his latest album AbSoultely which is available also on CD & Limited vinyl. A mighty fine Blue Eyed Soul moment with Bill Henry Band and their current Slow Down single which is included on their album 'Ride', and currently in the UK Soul Chart.

UK's #1 Modern Soul group SouLutions are covering Hot Cuisines 'Who's Been Kissing You?', that was a big success from their current album 'Fate', other covers include Lasperanza's unusual, but classy cover of Gwen Guthrie's 'It Should 've Been You from their album Seeds which was released on Dome Records which also has many highlights and is a true work of art. 

Luxury Soul Fans will be pleased to see Maysa, Tony Momrelle, Incognito, Paul Johnson, Noel McKoy, Glenn Jones, James Day that are stable inductees.

Much more for you to discover here on this 35 track compilation that will stay in our playlists for many years to come, Well done Ralph Tee !

Gary Van den Bussche 

DSG/Starpoint Radio

Starpoint Radio - Gary Van den Bussche  

Here are some Live shows with artists interviews that I thought you enjoy, that you can download.
They also contain new and classic Soul music with a twist. Gary Van den Bussche is celebrating 40 years as a DJ and can be heard Monday through to Friday on Starpoint Radio 11 am - 1 pm UK Time.
40 years anniversary of Incognito with a special interview with Bluey
Bluey from Incognito special < Click To Download

Download/Catch Up of today show with Special Guest Jan Kincaid of MF Robots (Ex Brand New Heavies member & Founder) plus new releases, classics and remixes. Thanks for listening
Download/Catch Up here > MF Robots special

 Saturday Night Live upbeat Soul show <Click to download
Guest spot Saturday Night Special for Steve King where we interview him out of the Blue!

Here Gary interviews The UK's #1 Duo/group that he first discovered over 5 years ago.
Live interview with Louise from SouLutions   < Click to download

The current #1 Soul Man you can hear Marvin Gaye in his bones and we were lucky to interview CC.Cornell sings a little bit of Marvin live in the interview.

Cornell Carter Interview   <Click to Download

 The Terri Green project live on the show with a fantastic Barry White influenced new album
'What A Feeling'. Terri does a live version of The Look Of The Love in the Interview.
Terri Grren Project Live < Click To Download.

International touring recording star Ola Onabule talk to us about his new album, Al Jarreau and Soul Town, Ola sings a tribute to Al Jarreau Live on the Show.
Ola Onabule live on the DSG Show << Click To Download

Special fun interview with Maria from Elusiv and Mr Groove from Al Hutson & One Way.

Elusiv and Mr Groove interview << Listen here

Interview with Sir Carl Webster about Bol Soul, Starpoint radio and more!
Starpoint Radio owner Carl Webster interview << Download

Starpoint Radio are now on DAB in Portsmouth, Birmingham & Brighton & Hove & are the fastest
growing listener Soul radio station on the planet!

 Gary Van den Bussche is  always looking for venues to host events and DJ guest spots.
Look out for a DSG Cruises 3 next year. 

Gary Van den Bussche with Ola Onabule  

Gary Van den Bussche who's weekday shows have been one of Soul music most listened to daily Soul Shows on Starpoint Radio - 11 am - 1 pm have a live interview with Ola Onabule.

British-Nigerian singer songwriter Ola Onabule' brings a mix of pop with dignity on this rich collection of originals. Most of the band centers around Jack Pollit/b, PhilMulford/b, Femi Temowo/g, Pete Adams-John Crawford/p and Will Fry/perc  along with some guests, while the themes include some jazzy drumming and bass on "What The Heck," soulful keyboards on the assuring "Ballad Of The Star Crossed" and soulful tenor sax on "Suru Lere."Onabule's voice is rich, confident and ebullient, singing comfortably with African percussion on "Throwaway Notion" and giving a soft lilt on the salsa'd "The Old Story." He can bring the lights down low on a passionate yet soft "Point Less" and ends the album with a lovely "You Can't Depend On Love." There's a tinge in his voice that few vocalists, Jolson, Robison and Pavarotti come to mind, that make each syllable mix a tear and smile. Alluring to no end.


Cornell Carter Live In London  

Cornell “CC” Carter has been gracing stages and entertaining thousands of fans with his signature sound around the world for many years. He is known for his phenomenal stage presence, his high-powered audience engagement, and his extraordinary and dynamic vocal skills. His strong love for music developed when he was a young man growing up in a San Francisco home chock full of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, and Gospel, which has been the inspiration for his creativity and songwriting. The exciting news is that Cornell Carter will singing Live in London at The Hideawayclub on Friday October 4th in support of his New Album titled ‘ABSOULUTELY’ scheduled for release by Izipho Soul Records on September 27th and then Worldwide (all digital formats) on October 11th 2019!
It's 2019, when you look back at some of the all time classic best male Soul singers, you'll think of for example, Luther Vandross, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye,Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White, Stevie Wonder etc, these singers are not only still selling and appealing to the masses,but also to a younger generation who are starting to discover Soul music and it's artists, be it by Films, TV, Adverts or Playstation game machine, its all good news! Cornell Carter himself respects and has paid tribute to many of his favorite artists with his 2017,album released Vindicated Soul,which was a remarkable collection of soulful covers of artists including some of his favorites… Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Willie Hutch! Vindicated Soul also includes a remix of the classic CC original track from “Where do we Go.”

In 2018 Cornell “CC” Carter was then ready to release his highly anticipated new album of all original material titled One Love! The first Single from the album, “That Feelin’,” was released on April 27th, 2018 and reached #1 on all significant Soul Charts in the UK. One Love has a variety of outstanding Producers on its roster such as Morgan Howell (Soulpersona UK), Brian Braziel (GCS,Prince), David Council(GCS), and his main producer Kirk Crumpler. Cornell says, “One Love is a message of Oneness with the Universe and each other, and allowing Love and Music to be our guide to a better world!” Notable achievements for 2018: Readers Choice Award as 2018 New Artist of the Year, Soul Café Radio Male Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, Narada Michael Walden Foundation International Soul Artist of the Year and Groundbreakin-PCA Best Soul Male Artist of the Year!
And now we are set to announce the New Album titled ‘ABSOULUTELY’ scheduled for release by Izipho Soul Records on September 27th and then Worldwide ( all digital formats) on October 11th 2019! The first single ‘I See Love’ released on August 9th, has received rave reviews! ABSOULUTELY is an album described by Cornell as ‘Songs that came through my Soul and out of my Heart’! It includes 2 Classic tracks, Curtis Mayfield's ‘We’re A Winner’ and ‘Come Live With Me Angel’ by Marvin Gaye! Cornell and his main Producer Kirk Crumpler received tremendous contributions from talented musicians that includes his Mentor and Grammy winning Producer, Narada Michael Walden, Eddie M( Sheila E) on Saxophone, Rich Armstrong(Tony Toni Tone etc) on Trumpet, Brian Braziel on drums, James Henry on Percussions ,Dave Shul, Larry White( Bobby Brown) on Guitar along with Cam Perridge who also was the Engineer for CORNELL “CC” CARTER - OFFICIAL ARTIST BIOGRAPHY 2019 the New Album!

Additional vocals were provided by Featured Artist Nate’ Soulsanger (Morning Touch, produced by James Day), Niecey Robinson and mentor Larry Batiste! CC has had many once in a lifetime musical experiences to draw from, but two of the highest points of his career so far has been sharing the stage as an opening act for the late great Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and the legendary Ray Charles. In addition to his various headline performances, CC has also opened for other household name brand artists over the years such as The Whispers, The Temptations, Natalie Cole, and Kool and The Gang. As part of Narada Michael Walden’s all-star band, which performs at various NMW Foundation events, CC has shared the stage with other renowned world-class artists such as Neil Schon (Journey), Dionne Warwick, Ronnie Spector, and many other legendary performers! Throughout the years, CC has appeared on many albums, and he continues to be one of the most in-demand session vocalists around. CC was honored to perform with world-renowned, multi-platinum guitarist Carlos Santana, providing vocals on two tracks that appeared on Santana IV and on Santana’s latest EP Cornell sang Lead Vocals on ‘Mona Lisa’. Cornell loves to share his talents with aspiring artists and veteran performers alike. He established CDC Productions, his own production and record company geared toward assisting these artists to follow their dreams while also teaching them about the time and dedication it takes to reach their goals. Cornell has been involved with many charities and non-profits over the past few years, and his vision is to continue to uplift and engage people all around the world with Music and with One Love!

DJ Support Gary Van den Bussche (Starpoint Radio), (Disco Soul Gold).

Live Starpoint Radio show with CC Interview

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Gary van den Bussche 

Alicia Myers Live In London 

The Legendary Alicia Myers comes to the UK to sing live at The Jazz Cafe on Sunday October 13th with special guest support from Soul singer Miracle Thomas who's been described as the next Anita Baker!

Alicia Myers begun her musical career as a member of Al Hudson & the Soul Partners, who later evolved into One Way, They released the album 'Happy Feet' as Al Hudson and the Partners in 1979 which contains the top 15 national hit single "You Can Do It" which was co-penned by Myers. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners not only changed labels from ABC records to MCA records, but also confusingly the name of the band to One Way! The UK National charting follow up was 'Music' followed on from 'You Can Do It' into the UK Charts and onto the bands first album for MCA called One Way which featured Al Hudson and Alicia Myers.

After being a member of a band, she started her solo music recording career in 1981, with the release of Alicia by MCA Records The album charted top 50 In America and had "I Want To Thank You" (top 5 USA R&B Chart) and "Don't Stop What You're Doin'' were released as singles from it. Her follow-up album, Alicia Again, released later the same year, failed to chart, so we had to wait until 1982 the following year for another R&B top 30 hit album called, 'I Fooled You This Time' this was now her most successful charting album to date and included the Anthem 'I Want to Thank You' which is still played out in Soul venue's around the world to this day.

In 1984 Alicia Myers just fell short of The USA R&B chart peaking at #12 with her album ' I Appreciate', but it did chart in the national American Top 200 chart, the single from the album "You Get the Best From Me (Say, Say, Say)" peaked at #58 in the UK national chart and was a UK #1 Soul /R&B hit for her.
We now had to wait 27 years for Alicia Myers next album of newly recorded material released in 2011, the album was co-produced by Myers, David Pic Conley (of Surface) & UK's Tim Jones.
Much of Myers music has been sampled by the likes of Mariah Carey ("I Want to Thank You"), Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip, Father MC and many others.
She is a survivor of childhood tuberculosis. She later survived breast cancer in 1998 and has since become an advocate for the disease.

So the date for your diary is Sunday 13th October at Camden's Jazz Cafe in London this Gospel, Soul, Disco, Boogie diva promises to sing her heart out to us! .

Buy Tickets Here

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Gary Van den Bussche

Disco Soul Cruise 21st July  

Picture the scene a beautiful Sunday afternoon sailing along the Thames London from 2 pm in the afternoon until 6 pm listening to some of the best music of our lifetime!

With a touch of Disco and a whole lot of Soul from the 70's, 80's to the present date by such artists as
The Fatback Band, The Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, Loose Ends, Tavares, Lou Rawls, Luther Vandross, Shalamar, Barry White, Phyllis Hyman, Bobby Womack, Teddy Pendergrass etc you know you are in for not only great memories but an afternoon to remember.

Special guests include Marc Staggers flying in for America for The Cruise, Million selling artist Keni Stevens who has recently been featured on the #1 Soul Album by Lasperanza called 'Seeds' & Gigi. 

DJ's from Solar Radio Gary Spence who happens to be the happiest DJ on the planet, Gary Van den Bussche from Disco Soul Gold and Starpoint Radio, Andy T from Starpoint & Soul Groove Radio, and million selling songwriter producer Nigel Lowis who will re-edit a few gems for the cruise as well as introduce some surprise celebrate guests. 

The 1st Cruise in April to launch the Disco Soul Gold vol 2 CD  was a sell out with huge demand for a 2nd one, we will also be releasing a new format with the extended full mixes by Nigel Lowis and other contributors such as David Morales and Tom Moulton.

So book your tickets today as availability is limited for this special Disco Soul cruise along the Thames on Sunday 21st July, boarding at the London Eye Pier 1.45 pm returning 6 pm  . This promises to be The Party Of The Year!         

Marc Staggers is So Amazing  

Marc Staggers flies to the UK for the Disco Soul Cruise 21st July ...
If you close your eyes when listening to Marc Staggers you could imagine it was the late and great Luther Vandross, it's a natural thing maybe to listen to somebody so much you can end up sounding like your idol, it's close that even fanatical Vandross fans can't tell if it's Marc or Luther! 

Marc Staggers started singing in the church choir and studied voice as he was growing up. His initial foray into music started with the release of several gospel albums, on which he worked with talented singers such as the late Clifton Dyson. During his college years, he also studied music with an emphasis on voice, and after graduating college, Staggers continued to study voice under the direction of the world-renowned soprano, Nelda Ormond, under whom he began to recognize his true singing talent, and Ormond was pivotal in helping Marc gain the confidence he needed to pursue a singing career.

                                           (Luther Vandross Experience - Tribute) 
Staggers has released six albums to date, the last being the 2019, 'Let's Go Out Tonight' which features the #1 Soul hits 'I'll Do Anything For You', 'Crazy About You Girl' & 'Swing It Baby'. The singles have also been remixed by M&M's John Morales & Nigel Lowis.

                                    The new single above ft Nia Simmons All I Need and Want Is You 

Marc Staggers is also featured on the #1 Disco Soul Gold vol 2 CD The Nigel Lowis mixes on The Soul City People all-stars and on his co-written track Timeless.  

In listening to Staggers silky Soul voice you can hear the soulful class of such legendary vocalists in his voice as, Will Downing, Freddy Jackson or indeed Luther Vandross, always a classy vocal.

Marc Staggers is no stranger to being top of the Soul charts 'Keep Those Fires Burning', 'Let Me Be The One', & the Tom Moulton mixed  'Bring It Home To Me'  have all done this over the last few years.

“Let’s Go Out Tonight” is a solid collaboration between Marc & his brother Reginald  that had been the long-time dream of their late father, John H. Staggers.  Marc and Reginald describe their collaborative musical journey as one they felt elevated their music to another level. In their words “they are elated with the new CD and are thankful that the soul lovers worldwide embrace their new music and feel the passion that was put forth to produce this CD”!

The best news this year is the Marc Staggers is going to sing live in the UK on the DSG Summer cruise along the Thames, London on July 21st boarding 1.45 pm - 6 pm, it's been many years since Marc Staggers last performed in the UK so we advise you to get your tickets asap Disco Soul Cruise with Marc Staggers - Tickets here:   

                                                 So amazing by Marc Staggers 

Disco Soul Gold CD Two  

In 2017 Nigel Lowis produced one of the best compilation soul albums ever, DSG Volume 1, it spent 8 weeks at the #1 spot which extended it's CD demand right through until today. Having kept you waiting a good eighteen months to introduce Volume II. It is with pleasure that we present to you a timeless collection of 19 new songs that you will love and treasure for the rest of your life. If you go through the wardrobe of Nigel Lowis, you will not only find Tweed jackets and designer shirts but unreleased gems from musical giants.

About Nigel Lowis
The Genius of Nigel Lowis will change your mood with his uplifting hands in the air type anthems, classy Philly styled gems and romantic ballads. Nigel gets his influence from many parts of the world such as Memphis, Philly, Detroit, London, Prague, & New York.
Brought up in Brixton with the sound systems of yesteryear be it Street Soul, PIR, Reggae or Motown, Nigel has the ear to be able to pick up a guitar and groove, you just cannot help but to groove along too. Just how many other producers can cover a Chic production, put their slant on it and have a crossover top 10 hit as he did with Maureen Walsh for Polydor.

Nigel has worked with Dina Carroll, Eternal, Be Be Winans, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Burt Bacharach and many other huge greats from the 'who's who' in the music industry although Lowis is not one for shouting about it, but if a name like Lamont Dozier crops up in conversion, he will add "Oh I wrote a song with him".

DSG Vol 2 The Album - Various Artists...

The Story of DSG started with SouLutions so it is fantastic that they have allowed us to revisit 'Philly Line" with a first-time Nigel Lowis mix, the song has been re-vocalised and reproduced to give it a completely new Philly vibed up version for 2019.

Paul Reid (Nightcrawler's), Steven Dante and Rebekah Ryan were in the Lowis wardrobe of classics songs that only he and they knew about, the songs are suited and re-booted giving them a crisp edge for today's ears.

The first single from the new DSG Nigel Lowis Vol 2 CD album is Kenny Thomas's wife Francisca Thomas, who was born in Cape Town in 1982.
She came from a very musical family and was singing from a very early age, in fact her first TV appearance was in South Africa when she was only 8 years old!
She has performed in several groups along with her sisters, travelling all over South Africa doing shows.
In 2003 she was a finalist in pop idol in South Africa and went onto signing a deal with EMI records.
In 2007 she visited the UK to do some gigs, on one of these gigs in Cheshire, she met Kenny, they were were both performing on the same bill that evening, the rest as they say is history, marriage, kids, Housework, which to a degree prevented her from getting on with her music, but she still managed to write songs for Kenny, along with other artists and do some recordings herself.
She hopes to be able to record more material in the coming months.
JULY 21st-  DSG SUMMER CRUISE - LETS GO ROUND AGAIN with Gary Spence (Solar Radio), Gary Van den Bussche (DSG & Starpoint Radio), Nigel Lowis plus special celebrate guests.
'Clouds In My Mirror' was written by the talented Francisca and co-produced by Nigel Lowis who gave the song it's Memphis feel.

Kenny Thomas - 'Back To Broadway' was first written with George Benson in mind, Thomas loved the track and was really up for recording the song, with maybe some Benson licks forthcoming in the future.

Jimmy Gallagher oddly gets his first release on a DSG CD, although a stable DSG artist who we've released tracks on previously and lets face it, this man can seriously blow the house down and here with The Dig Band paying full respect to the likes of our orchestras back in the day namely Brass Construction, MFSB & Salsoul

Teddy B was first spotted by Mark Franklin singing on-line, his details were passed to Gary Van den Bussche who then helped him promote his first couple of sides to then suggesting he cut a track with Nigel Lowis. Lowis just happened to have the perfect song that Teddy B helped him finish for the CD.

                                          (Georgie B, Francisca Thomas, Ellis & Tilly Grace) 
Patti Austin - Terry Jervis approached Quincy Jones with the idea for a song, book and movie, Quincy Jones then suggested his goddaughter Patti Austin to sing it. This track was first used as the launch for a shuttle to Space, then Jervis got in touch with Gary Van den Bussche for suggestions for a remix release. The song will be featured in a forthcoming movie that is currently in production with Lego. As for the music, great to have Patti Austin back in our CD player.
Peter Symporien - originally featured on DSG Volume 1 CD, but is now featured here with the cool Fitzroy Facey in a Norman Whitfield nod to cool grooviness, that at first might sound different but the more you hear it the more you'll be replaying. Watch out for dance mixes of this soon! Peter Symporien, Marc Staggers, Roger Samuels (fresh from The Voice), Hannah White, Jimmy Gallagher and Lowis Nigel aka The Soul City People, originally a whole album project idea almost like Louis Vega's NuYorker Soul, but many of the tracks have now been released on DSG or featured remain in the wardrobe for another time. Soul City People track was written by Nigel Lowis & Ola Onabule.

Ellis ... This is a first & we are proud to present Ellis.
the song was co-written by Lowis, David Morales & lElis with Patti Labelle in mind . Nigel is currently working on Ellis's forthcoming album project overseas where she is signed to a major label, they thought it would be great to give you all a preview of this great ladies talents. 

                                    (Georgie B, Gary Van den Bussche & Gary Spence)
Lol Williams is a singer that Gary Spence discovered when he saw him singing live which lead to the original version becoming a favourite on his Solar Radio show. Nigel Lowis The Artist features for the first time here as a soloist in his own right and who knows, maybe an album to follow if this track is well received.  Clif & Freda Payne follow their #1 smash 'No Payne, No Gain' with 'Yesterdays Payne, Tomorrow Joy', now with a Thom Bell influenced arrangement, that Bell even thumbed up himself when he heard it, the version that was on Clif's album last year was not the finished mix, so here it is for the first time.Fiona Yorke - Love For Me was a runaway #1 Gospel/ R&B hit and although played on soul radio in the UK, we felt this new mix would give the song another chance with it's new exciting direction.

Tilly Grace the youngest, so no doubt the hippest member of the DSG family, takes time out from recording her follow up to 'Ghetto Superstar' with a song she originally recorded as a jingle for the BBC Soul show.

Hannah White sounds completely at home and snug with this co-written Burt Bacharach styled lush vintage classic 'Tell Me'.  Marc Staggers who we all know and love, sings one of the finest ballads of the year, which is Timeless for sure.

I hope that you enjoy the new DSG Volume 2 CD, 19 timeless tracks that you will enjoy playing for many years to come. It's a shame Nigel's
jackets didn't fit me or I might have taken those too HA!!  

The CD Pressing are half sold, so you better be quick!