Starpoint Radio - Gary Van den Bussche

Here are some Live shows with artists interviews that I thought you enjoy, that you can download.
They also contain new and classic Soul music with a twist. Gary Van den Bussche is celebrating 40 years as a DJ and can be heard Monday through to Friday on Starpoint Radio 11 am - 1 pm UK Time.
40 years anniversary of Incognito with a special interview with Bluey
Bluey from Incognito special < Click To Download

Download/Catch Up of today show with Special Guest Jan Kincaid of MF Robots (Ex Brand New Heavies member & Founder) plus new releases, classics and remixes. Thanks for listening
Download/Catch Up here > MF Robots special

 Saturday Night Live upbeat Soul show <Click to download
Guest spot Saturday Night Special for Steve King where we interview him out of the Blue!

Here Gary interviews The UK's #1 Duo/group that he first discovered over 5 years ago.
Live interview with Louise from SouLutions   < Click to download

The current #1 Soul Man you can hear Marvin Gaye in his bones and we were lucky to interview CC.Cornell sings a little bit of Marvin live in the interview.

Cornell Carter Interview   <Click to Download

 The Terri Green project live on the show with a fantastic Barry White influenced new album
'What A Feeling'. Terri does a live version of The Look Of The Love in the Interview.
Terri Grren Project Live < Click To Download.

International touring recording star Ola Onabule talk to us about his new album, Al Jarreau and Soul Town, Ola sings a tribute to Al Jarreau Live on the Show.
Ola Onabule live on the DSG Show << Click To Download

Special fun interview with Maria from Elusiv and Mr Groove from Al Hutson & One Way.

Elusiv and Mr Groove interview << Listen here

Interview with Sir Carl Webster about Bol Soul, Starpoint radio and more!
Starpoint Radio owner Carl Webster interview << Download

Starpoint Radio are now on DAB in Portsmouth, Birmingham & Brighton & Hove & are the fastest
growing listener Soul radio station on the planet!

 Gary Van den Bussche is  always looking for venues to host events and DJ guest spots.
Look out for a DSG Cruises 3 next year. 

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